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The sole shareholder of the life insurance company Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE is the Austrian insurance company Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe.  In the Baltic States, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE has started its activities since 1993, and in 2001, the branch office of the company started its activities in Lithuania as well.

Vienna Insurance Group the international insurance company established in Vienna (Austria) in 1824, is one of the leading insurance companies in Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe which has approximately 23,000 employees and collects approximately 9.1 billion EUR of premiums per 2014. The group consisting of about 50 insurance companies in 25 countries has long-term traditions, strong brands and exceptional attention to its customers. The Group is the leader of the insurance market which offers wide range of products and services both in life and non-life insurance sectors.

In Lithuania, the life and non-life insurance services are offered by the following companies which belong to Vienna Insurance Group:

–  Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Lithuanian branch;

–  UADB Compensa Vienna Insurance Group

It is very important to be the reliable partners of customers in the Lithuanian insurance market, therefore in our activities we adhere to the following fundamental principles:

  1. High financial results and good solvency ratios of the Austrian insurance company Vienna Insurance Group not only ensure the safety of customers’ investments, but also allow to make good returns from the accumulated amounts.
  2. The financial and operational stability and the high level of security of the group Vienna Insurance Group are guaranteed to customers, partners and employees by the A+ rating given in accordance with the assessment carried out by the famous rating agency Standard & Poor’s. The insurance contracts are reinsured in some of the largest reinsurance companies Munich RE and VIG RE.
  3. The multiannual experience of Vienna Insurance Group allows to provide the Lithuanian market with the services which are in line with the international standards.

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