Apie Allianz Global Life dac.

Naujiena 2021.03.26

Allianz agrees to acquire Aviva Poland and consolidates its leading position in Central Eastern Europe

  • Transaction worth 2.5 billion euros

Draudimo kompanija Allianz Global Life dac. teikia tarptautinius gyvybės draudimo, nedarbingumo draudimo sprendimus.

Mūsų tikslas yra įgyti ir išlaikyti klientų lojalumą teikiant pirmaujantį paslaugų lygį bei paramą. Mes esame tarptautinis Allianz Worldwide Partners gyvybė draudimo padalinys ir Allianz Group dalis.

Allianz Global Life dac. Designated Activity Company

Šis draudikas siūlo puikų rizikinį draudimą įmonėms. Darbuotojų skaičius privalo būti ne mažesnis nei 11 asmenų,

Allianz Global Life dac. is a specialized provider of retirement and group life solutions. Founded in 2008, the company has rapidly developed its business through its headquarters in Dublin and branches established in France, Germany and Italy.

Allianz Global Life dac. also offers international group plans to corporate and governmental clients for life, accidental death and dismemberment. We are able to provide stand-alone coverage of biometrical risks as well as co-insurance arrangements for life and health benefits in cooperation with other Allianz partners.

The company is part of Allianz SE.

For more information on the Solvency and Financial Condition of Allianz Global Life, see the report.

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