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AXA Global Healthcare yra pirmaujanti savanoriškojo sveikatos draudimo įmonė Didžiojoje Britanijoje. Daugiau nei 55metų patirtį turinčios įmonės paslaugomis šiandien naudojasi virš 3 milijonų klientų visame pasaulyje. AXA Global Healthcare priklauso antrai pagal dydį Europos draudikei Prancūzų grupei AXA GROUP, kuri yra pasaulio lyderė finansų apsaugos ir turto valdymo srityje. AXA Global Healthcare siūlomas tarptautinis savanoriškas […]

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Sveikatos draudimo bendrovės AXA Global Healthcare planų santrauka

AXA Global Healthcare labai platų partnerių sąrašą, kur teikiama stacionaraus, bei ambulatorinio gydymo paslauga.

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Pateiktoje lentelėje galite matyti AXA Global Healthcare teikiamų sveikatos draudimo paslaugų spektrą.

You can help control the cost of your premium by adding an excess to your policy. We offer five levels of excess, per person, per year:

Excess amounts:

  • €125
  • €320
  • €640
  • €1,275
  • €2,550

Exclusions: What’s not included in the health plans

Our International Health Plans are designed to cover treatment of medical conditions that respond quickly to treatment – known as acute conditions. Like most health insurance policies, there are a number of exclusions and limitations on the plans and this is just a summary of the most significant exclusions and limitations:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions; options to include these are available for company schemes of five or more
  • Routine dentist check-ups for Standard, Comprehensive or Prestige plans (available as an add-on to Comprehensive and Prestige plans)
  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth on Standard or Comprehensive plans (available as an add-on to Comprehensive plans for corporate schemes only)
  • Preventative treatment
  • Ongoing, recurrent or long-term treatment of long-term illnesses (usually referred to as Chronic conditions) if you have the Standard plan
  • Any treatment costs incurred as a result of engaging in or training for any sport for which you receive a salary or monetary reimbursement, including grants or sponsorship (unless you receive travel costs only).

Rizikos vertinimas FMU

With full medical underwriting, the applicant must provide details of their medical history by filling in a medical history questionnaire or answering medical questions during a telephone call. If medical insurance is offered on a full medical underwriting basis, pre-existing conditions are excluded from the policy.
The term full medical underwriting is sometimes shortened to 'fully underwritten'.
Fully underwritten is one basis for underwriting medical insurance. Other types of basis include 'Medical History Disregarded' and 'Moratorium'.

Gydymo įstaigos su kuriomis turi sutartis AXA Global Healthcare.

Use the map or add filters to find the right medical provider for you. You can choose any provider listed below and we can arrange to pay them directly for your eligible treatment.


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